About us

HRX Business Suport is an accounting and fiscal consultancy company, CECCAR and CCF member that was founded in 2011, committed to providing quality and value services to clients. We are dedicated to serving the needs of privately held business delivering advisory and outsourcing financial and accounting services. Our aim is to develop a wide range of service lines, to meet growing needs and demands of our clients.

The company is in a process of its expansion so we could provide services of the volume and types required by our clients.

Our aim is to find the best tax strategy and planning for your business. You will be supported by a dedicated team of professionals who have a good reputation for delivering quality service.

You can always expect a professional advice and timely consultations.

When you work with advisors who truly understand your business, you are prepared to make confident decisions.

We are flexible in our approach and we are able to find solutions to your specific needs.

We support healthy, productive change that recognizes individual contributions and responsibilities and builds an efficient work environment.

HRX is committed to working hand-in- hand with your team to achieve:

Functional, collaborative workplace relations  marked by renewed trust & respect.

Clear leadership, defined responsibilities, and team aligned strategic planning

Energy and focus, heightened productivity & performance