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Each client is unique, with its own characteristics and objectives. This motivates us to help with planning future projects and anticipate the tax consequences both  favorable  and unfavorable financial transactions that you intend to achieve them. Benefit from the advice of professional accountants for success and health of your finances.

The full package of accounting services will enable quality improvement, data accuracy and transparency.

All services are offered at competitive prices.




  • Registration of accounting documents according to current regulations
  • Preparation and submission of balance sheet
  • Analysis of accounting reports
  • Preparing general ledger and monthly balances
  • Calculation of obligations and prepare payments documents
  • Preparing the VAT
  • Preparation and tax statement submission
  • Preparation of financial accounting reports (on request)


  • Staff files
  • Preparing payrolls
  • Preparation and transmission Revisal


  Administration Staff

  • Preparing documents for employment
  • Preparing individual labor contracts
  • Register individual labor contracts in Revisal
  • Preparing job descriptions
  • Preparing addendum to individual labor contracts
  • Preparing  documents  for  termination  / modification / suspension  of

    individual labor contracts
  • Updating personnel files: updating information on home health insurance,  dependents,  persons  insurers  achieve  other  income  etc.
  • Preparing decisions termination of employment
  • Preparing certificates of employment
  • Preparing certificates for GP, bank, etc.
  • Preparing notes liquidation


  • Tax, accounting expertise, balance sheet certification
  • Identifying accounting and tax policies
  • Consulting on accounting regulations for import and export activities
  • Consultancy and assistance regarding the organization of the financial

    accounting department
  • Staff training on the correct preparation of primary documents and their flow within the company
  • Consulting  on  financial  accounting  and  management organization in

    accordance with the law
  • Consulting on optimizing  taxation: tax  on income or profit,  VAT, social

    security, etc.
  • Assistance in order to avoid double taxation
  • Assistance during tax audits at the company
  • Develop procedures and internal rules on the basic activities and related activities
  • Consulting  on  the  organization  and  management   of   the  company


  Business startup consultancy

  • Consulting on accounting and financial legislation
  • Consulting and initiating procedures for tax registration of the Company
  • Company registration
  • Advice, assistance  and reports analyzing  economic, financial and fiscal
  • Consulting on financial accounting and tax legislation
  • Preparing Business Plan


  Other financial services

  • Preparing loan files, folders leasing
  • Obtaining excerpt certificate; tax registration
  • Other reports on request
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